‘Kylie XY’ Star, Matt Dallas And Hubby Adopts Baby Boy


Do you remember Matt Dallas? The kid from Kyle XY……well, he’s gay.

So, him and his husband Blue Hamilton have gotten themselves what you can call a Christmas gift!

The couple have reportedly adopted a little boy and shared their happy news in an adorable video on Tuesday, December 22.

“Introducing… a very merry Christmas video! This Christmas our wishes were granted beyond our wildest dreams!” the Kyle XY actor, 33, tweeted along with a link to a YouTube video.

The 11-minute clip, titled “Welcome to Our Pride,” features the couple smiling wildly in festive clothing as they sit in front of a fireplace and their Christmas tree, smiling widely. Suddenly, their 2-year-old, Crow, appears and sweetly jumps into the arms of his dads.

“We just happened to fall in love with this certain little boy who came to stay with us, and on the car ride home, we decided that he was gonna be ours and we weren’t gonna give him up,”Hamilton, 36, says.

The star explains that from the moment they met Crow, they knew they had found their son.
“There was supposed to be a six-month trial period, and there was about a six-minute trial period before we knew he was gonna be ours,” he exclaims. “We got the best Christmas present ever.”

Toward the end of the video, the happy family plays with a train set, holding hands. “Ho ho ho!” their little boy could be heard shouting.

Dallas and Hamilton got married in July, after dating for nearly six years.



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