Wow!!! SEE The Dog That Saved The Life Of An Abandoned Infant While People Thought It Wanted To Eat Him [Photos]


This unbelievable case occurred in Saudi Arabia this November. A stray dog found a newborn child at the dump abandoned by the mother. At first horrified passers-by who took these photos thought that the dog wants to eat the baby with umbilical cord still attached. But then it turned out that the dog gently carried the child in its mouth to the nearest house putting the baby in front of it.

The dwellers of the house rushed the baby to the nearest hospital. The baby was alive, in perfect health and unhurt by canine’s teeth. So, the baby’s life was saved by the dog


Unwed mothers are not welcomed in the society of Saudi Arabia and may face death punishment by stoning for sex outside marriage. So, the cases of abandoning newborns in the streets in this country are unfortunately far from something unique. However, the saving of this poor abandoned infant by the stray dog is truly miraculous.


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