5 Hilarious Yet Serious Noise Pollution Agents In Our Environment

A Nigerian pentecostal church

The Lagos state government yesterday sealed more than 53 churches, mosques and hotels across the state over noise pollution and other environmental ills. According to them, the agency received lots of complaints from residents and neighbours about the nuisance constituted by the premises shut by the agency. The truth is, every single Nigerian can relate with this. Flowing from this, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together a list of five hilarious but serious agents of noise pollution in our environment…

DAILY/EVENING SERVICES IN CHURCHES – Ever been in dire need of  sound sleep either in the afternoon or evening and you eventually get in bed to get down to business only to hear this very loud ‘Hallelujah somebody’ coming from the small church beside your house because its ‘Bible study’ or Prayer meeting and you’re  like “OMG!!! not again”. Ones you hear this, you the sleep in gone.

EVERLASTING VIGILS IN CHURCHES: There is a night vigil every other day, and to make matters worst, they would turn their speakers on and shout into the microphone in the dead of the night. Unlucky for you, if you haven’t slept off before they started, that might be the end of the night’s sleep.

NEIGHBOURS WITH VERY LOUD GENERATORS: Everyone has that one neighbour, who is always on standby to turn on his/her generator as soon as ‘NEPA’ does what they do best. These people are so fast that the TV in their houses wouldn’t have gone off before their generator is up, running and disturbing the whole nation with its horrible noise and choking exhaust.

NEIGHBOURS WITH LIKE 1 MILLION KIDS: Enough to start a small village are their children. To keep them in moderate check, the mom is always shouting warnings and threats. When the time for errand or beating comes, the whole neighbour is in for it. After the beating is done, the wailing of the child or children could last another lifetime.

THE CD SELLER:: You know that shop beside your house or on your street, where they sell music CDs or movies and just because the seller needs to publicize his business, he turns his speakers to the maximum volume, jamming latest hits and doesn’t care what time it is in day, even if under the sun or in the rain.

There are so many examples of noise pollution in our environment and every single Nigerian can relate with these aforementioned one. Crazy right????


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