5 Childhood Christmas Memories Most Nigerians Can Relate To


Christmas is almost here and it looks like the older we get, Christmas just keeps getting less and less interesting. Before we grow too old and forget, INFORMATION NIGERIA would like to remind you how Christmas actually felt as a child. Here are those unforgetable Christmas memories, anyone who grew up in Nigeria in the 80’s and 90’s are very familiar with:

– Recall the street vs street banger competition??? I’m sure a bunch of the guys won’t forget. Dangerously fun right? And parents especially moms would almost shout their gullets out.

– Remember when people would take food from house to house and it would be your lucky day, if you are picked by mom to do the delivery because those neighbours would hand you crips N5, N10 or N20 notes.

– Walking miles upon miles to visit relations – this journey is always in groups. You take your friends to your relatives’ house and they take you to theirs and in the evening when you get home, you count your fortune. The most important part of the day.

– The traditional white rice and stew with the most delicious aroma and taste. Moms those days have a degree in this delicacy. You just keep eating until there’s no space in your stomach to harbour more food.

– Someone from your house catching you eating at your neigbour’s house and going to report to your mom? The fear, the thoughts that run through your mind before you get home can not be out down in words.

Christmas those days were just heavenly!!!


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