Photos: Angry South African Youths Burn Church Of Pastor Who Makes Members Swallow Live Snakes, Eat Grass

South African pastor, Penuel Mnguni, of the End Time Disciples Ministries, who is known for preaching ‘strange practices’ such as asking his congregation to swallow live snakes, eat grass, strip naked, is reported to have been beaten up by some angry South African youths in Mmakaunyane Village in the North Western part of that country.


Reports have it that the youths, in the course of the attack, burnt down his church and tied him and a member of his church up with rope.

The controversial pastor, Mnguni, who had reportedly been lying low for some time after a group of mob led by South African vigilante group, the Economic Freedom Fighters, burnt his church at Soshanguve in Tshwane, had tried setting up his church again inside a bush in Mmakaunyane community when he was caught.

A resident, who identified himself as Johanna Baloyi, said the pastor and his congregation were not allowed in their area, asking, “How can a person eat a rat and claim it tastes like chocolate? That’s evil.”

A lady who reportedly spoke on anonymity said, “I am one of the church members,” insisting that, “We have the right to attend any church we want.”

According to her, “the rats have healed and saved them (members) from suffering.”

Meanwhile, the tent of his church was burnt down by the angry youths while he and some of his church members were beaten and tied up.
Police officers, according to Africanspotlight, however came to their rescue.

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Source: Dailypost


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