Northern Youths Group Calls For Dialogue With Biafra Agitators


A group of Northern youths under the aegis of North-East Youths Peace Development Initiative (NEYPDI), yesterday urged President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government to dialogue with those agitating for Biafra, instead of applying force against them.

The National President, NEYPDI, Alhaji Kyari Idris Abubakar, in a statement said: “Like those of us who have been suffering from insurgency in the past years we would not hesitate to go against anything that would lead to violence in the country. FG should dialogue with the agitators and not force, as it is not the best approach in handling the matter.”

Abubakar expressed regret over the recent call for Igbos to move out of the north, adding that it was capable of generating tensions and possibly lead to violence. The group, therefore, dissociates itself from the call.

“I want to remind the group that we have northerners in the south-east and other parts of the country and if the threat is carried out, they would also be asked to move back to the north, the development that negates the principle of peaceful co-existence as a nation,” he said.

Abubakar also urged President Buhari and the Service Chiefs to step into the matter in order to avoid it from degenerating.


  1. Biafra is not negotiable. ACF should go to hell. Tell buhari to dialoque wit boko haram not Biafrans. Nigeria is not a name to answer and not a place to be aswell. We cant dialoque wit any idiot all we need is Biafra or we all die.

  2. The the basis of acceptable co-existence of the component parts of Nigeria is voluntary association, not coercion or subjugation. The first step should be immediate implementation of the 2014 National Conference resolutions and amendment of the Constitution to take care of all the fears of the marginalised groups. There should be provision for withdrawal from the Union if at any time a part or parts of the Union choose to pull out.

    Let the Government put out a statement dousing the anxiety and apprehension of the demonstrators, releasing their members from custody and inviting them to a dialogue.

  3. No reasonable northerner will ask 4 any dialogue wit diz animals(biafrauds)dier 4 we reject ur call kyari! No one can force an authentic Hausa man 2 do wat doesn’t pay him.

  4. Mere talkin about diz animals givs dem importancy,so pls reasonable northerners shuld keep mum,let dem continue wit dier madness,politically confused idiots!

  5. Biafra is dead and buried since 1970 and is ever to remain so for the good of all. If called for dialogue and it’s refused, then they’re not good students of history. God and the FG is well and ever ready again to protect anyone in any part of the country who stood for one indivisible Nigeria. God bless Nigeria!

  6. i understand that we ve so many idiots and fools who doesnt knw wat it takes to reason. The so calld northerners ve notin and as ill educated and useless as the are want others to remain as slaves to them but i blame the British for dis wickedness. Freedom is never gotten on a round table, and we are goin to take it by force. Wich ever way they want it, we re ready to follow them that way. We are not affraid, we ve made up our minds to get our freedom or die fighting for it.

  7. all of u fools are just making noise. We ll get Biafra just watch out and see wat is going to hapen. We are nt naggin we say wat we can do. But if Nigeria insist to let us go well, then we would knw hw strong we can face each other.


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