Biafra: Police Beef Up Security All Over The Country

The Nigeria Police on Saturday vowed to crush members of the Independent Peoples of Biafra planning to organize mass rallies in major cities across the country.


Force Public Relations Officer, Mrs. Olabisi Kolawole, said all state commands had received directives to beef up security within their areas, as part of proactive steps needed to forestall a breakdown of law and order anywhere in the country.

She noted that with the repositioning of the intelligence response unit, the police now monitored all activities, even as critical infrastructure of government, were being protected against all forms of attacks.

“Police everywhere (in the country) have beefed up security; the directive has been there that the police should beef up security all over,” Kolawole said.

“Measures have already been put in place to ensure security, and nobody will be allowed to disturb the peace of the nation.” the FPRO told Sunday Telegraph.

Source: Dailypost


  1. Biafrans are not cowards, IPOB are law abiding people, we have not broken any law here in the Zoo Nigeria and abroad rather Nigeria government are the ones who have broken every law, the one they made and that of the United nations and still brag about it. We IPOB tell our enemies what we are going to do before we do it. A woman police Mrs Olabisi Kolawole is issuing a threat to the Indigenous people of Biafra,ok but mind you that Biafrans of 2015 is not the same Biafra you know in 1967-1970. We have the right to embark on a peaceful protest but if you say you will crush us no problem, I hope the world is listening because we have the right to defend our self as we have the right t exist. Chiukwu Abiama in Heaven the Lord of Host and the Lord of Biafra is our witness.

  2. Gents,
    What ever thing any one wants to do,let it be under the confined of law of the land it is good to be free given the fact that God cheerish freedom and gave his children freedom to live,but we must always be obident to his worlds and put whatever cost or Agitation in prayers.there is nothing too difficult for God to do.

  3. When former Gov. Fashola closed down Ladipo market over environmental & security issues, the Igbo traders ran to Gov. Rochas Okorocha who came to Lagos to meet Gov, Fashola. Both of them visited the market and later on worked out a modality which was agreed to by the traders and the market was reopened. That is how civilized people behave. Pro Biafra loyalists are lawless and unicivilized; they ought to make their grievances against the Nigerian State known to the 5 South East Governors who will take the case to the President, accompanied by traditional rulers and eminent Igbo leaders. The President will listen to them and grant some of their requests. They way they are going about this is wrong and should be condemned by all sensible Nigerians.

  4. Am proud of these Biafra people who seek for their freedom peacefully without breaking the Law of the land anyone who tries stop them should be the one breaking the law


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