Francis Odega’s Manager Responds To Gossip Mill Nigeria’s Claim On ”Gerrara Here” Video Virality

Gossip mill Nigeria 2

Everyone of us most have all watched the famous ”Gerrara Here” video by now even though many of us don’t know the name of the movie that scene came from. The movie shot into limelight and became an internet sensation around mid this year and even popular American rapper 50cent reposted it on his Instagram account too. The video had been on youtube for over a year now and mysteriously began going viral just mid this year well it seems that mystery might have now been solved as few days back Gossip Mill Nigeria called out Francis Odega and his team saying they deserved more credit from them for there crucial role in making the Gerrara Here Video a popular visual on Nigeria’s Social Media Platforms.

Gossipmill Nigeria


Gossip Mill Nigeria is Popularly known for there Giant Facebook page which became a boom within a year for collections of interesting & funny post (Videos) on there One million plus fan page. They later went on instagram to demand some appraisals from Francis Odega and his management stating that they brought the video to limelight after cropping it from a Youtube Channel called BestNollyTV it had already been on there for months and didnt have any buzz till Gossip Mill Nigeria posted it on their facebook page on May 17, 2015 claiming the video generated more shares and engagement on the longrun before it became an instagram 15seconds video and got noticed by the American international Rap Star 50Cent.

Francis Odega Management however responded to the post via Instagram stating that they will however acknowledge them in there next interviews and credit other people who have always joined in making the video a big visual and making the personality more relevant.



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