Don Jazzy And Marriage: “I Might Not Announce When I’m Getting Married”

Don Jazzy

World famous Nigerian music producer, Don Jazzy has opened up a little about his marriage plans.

Don Jazzy however admits he dates, despite rumors from fans.

He even revealed that he ended his last relationship a year ago.

“I don’t have a girlfriend,” Jazzy recently told Encomium magazine. “My last relationship was a year ago. I am on break right now when it comes to a relationship.”

The music maker also made sure to clear the air about rumors of him getting married any time soon stating that his wedding could just be as private as the word itself.

“I might not even announce that I will be getting married. I don’t understand why you people think I will just announce that I will be getting married. I am not really that kind of person,” he explained to the mag.

“There’s no point doing something when you don’t have content. I am a perfectionist, so, until I know that I have what it takes to do one, I won’t do it,” he said.

However, his forthcoming ‘The Access Mavin Concert’ in December is the one thing Jazzy is seriously committed to right now.

“I have been planning things in my head, Its now that we are going live… I would have come out to say let’s organize a concert, bit if you don’t have correct content there is no point doing one. I have done collaborations with a lot of people like Psquare, Olamide, Timaya and others. It’s a Mavin and Friends concert but more emphasis will be placed on the Mavins,” the music producer said.


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