Actress Bukky Wright Admits To Having A Bad Temper


Veteran Nigerian actress, Bukky Wright has revealed she has a very short temper.

Bukky Wright in an interview with News Watch spoke about her temper, and how she tries not to let it get the best of her.

I know my temper is bad. I know it is very bad and that is why I am usually very quiet. That is also why I make it clear to people that I take no nonsense. No one throws nonsense at me and then thinks you will get away. I don’t pretend” said the actress.

Bukky Wright also revealed that she is a very shy person and people might think she is a snub because of her shy nature.

Some people will say Bukky is a snub, but what they don’t realize is the fact that they only see me as a snub because I am somewhat a shy person. Sure, when I am with my own people, I talk, I play. Some of them will even say I am a crazy person.


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