A Successful Relationship Requires THESE 5 Compatibility Traits


According to an article in The Daily Mail, there are five ways in which compatible couples connect and show how the questions of the ego state work:

1. Commitment: Both parties are committed to each other and their relationship. This falls into the parent ego state, where both parties sharing the same level of value regarding their bond.

2. Consideration: Compatible couples never forget the importance of their relationship, and make sure to be considerate and present for their partner. In the adult ego state, this includes considering another person’s happiness before one’s own, and learning lessons from previous relationships.

3. Keeping things fresh and youthful: While a couple may age, they make sure their relationship stays youthful. As part of the child ego state, be spontaneous and open to learning new things.

4. Having sense of humor. A sense of humor can bind a couple together, help release frustration and tension, and simply be fun. Also falling int the child ego state, have fun together.

5. Being intimate with each other every day. You don’t have to have sex before marriage, but showing intimacy with touch or a gesture, or really listening when your partner is expressing their feelings, shows true compatibility. This is part of both the adult ego state and/or child ego state, as intimacy is something you feel but could have learned from previous relationships.

Couples who connect with each other on a variety of levels, and share many of the same personality traits and values, have a greater likelihood of going the distance in their relationship.


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