Two Nigerians Arrested In UAE Over Possession Of Fake Currency

Two Nigerian men, whose identities remain unknown, and living in Sharjah, a city in the United Arab Emirates, UAE, have been arrested after UAE police reportedly raided their apartment and recovered a large number of fake $100.


According to the Director of Criminal Investigation Department, CID, Colonel Ibrahim Al Ajill, who confirmed the incident, they received a tip off about the scam activities of the two suspects who are on a visit to the UAE.

He said the culprits used the fake currency to convince people that they could double their money and make them rich, adding that the duo usually met people in an apartment in Sharjah and convinced them that they had the ability to double money.
Ajill said a team of CID officers got some complaints and raided their apartment, noting that the suspects were arrested red-handed with the fake currency.

The director also added that tools and bags used in the operation were also recovered from them.

The suspects told the police that they brought the fake currency from abroad to carry out the scam activities. They also allegedly confessed during their interrogation to carrying out illegal activities with the fake currency.

Meanwhile, the case has been referred for prosecution, says the Director.

Source: Dailypost


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