Migrants Crisis: Slovenia Calls On EU To Help Cope With Rush Of Refugees


Slovenia has called on the EU to help deal with a sudden rush of refugees, after more than 12,000 people crossed into the country in one day. Aljazeera has more:

The interior minister Vesna Gyorkos said on Thursday that Slovenia needs police from the EU to help regulate the flow of refugees coming from Croatia, in light of the influx over the past 24 hours. Slovenia has a population of two million people, and some 10,300 refugees remain in the country according to an interior ministry spokesman.

Croatia also sought international help on Thursday. The government said it will ask for blankets, winter tents, beds and containers, after some 217,000 refugees entered the country since September.

With more bottlenecks being created across the Balkans, thousands of refugees are spending cold nights under open skies in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Another 9,000 are expected to enter Serbia on Thursday, the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees office in Serbia. “It is alarming, because the weather is getting cold,” Seda Kuzucu, UNHCR field coordinator in Presevo told Reuters.


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