Ogun Election Tribunal Chairman Invokes Divine Judgment On Bribe Takers

high courtChairman of the Ogun State Election Petition Tribunal, Justice Tobi Ebioewe, on Friday rained curses on those he said attempted to compromise members of his panel, and prayed that those who compromised, “die untimely”.

The tribunal yesterday nullified the election of Buruji Kashamu as the senator representing Ogun East.

The Justice Ebioewe-led tribunal also delivered judgment on 11 other cases at the Magistrate Court, Isabo, Abeokuta, Ogun.

The judge said he was confident his panel members did not accept bribes, but decreed that anyone who received gratification, face the wrath of God, and should not live to enjoy such illicit benefits.

“Anybody who has collected money to influence the judgment, may the judgment of God come upon him. I invoke the judgment of God upon the person”, he declared.

Ebioewe also invoked the same punishment upon himself if he took bribes.

“People who make business and money are here, there are professional gamblers, nobody has given me any money. Our conscience is clear. So if you have collected money on behalf of the tribunal, you better return it. God is overall judge, hell for bribe giver and bribe takers”, the chairman proclaimed.


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