Nigeria’s Troubles Not Buhari’s Fault – Yari

President Muhammadu Buhari-official-portrait

Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) and Zamfara State Governor, Abdulaziz Yari has absolved President Muhammadu Buhari of any blame over the condition of the country.

According to him, what Nigeria is going through is partly a reflection of the global economy, which was affected by the slump in international prices of oil.

The governor, who spoke with journalists in Abuja, said that only Nigerians who were aggrieved because of ministerial nomination and other appointments could be unhappy with Buhari but in terms of managing the economy, the president has done well.

“They all should understand how Buhari emerged as president and the situation he met on ground on the issue of economy which is the global issue. Despite the fact that the global leaders are trying, to mention economic recession, but there is bad signal and they are managing it at the top level but in the actual sense, this recess we are in now is more than that of 2008 because China is experiencing very slow production, Brazil, Argentina.

“The only country that is doing well is America and India, so, there is significant drop in GDP globally except America and India. So, it is not about Buhari,” he added.

“If we were selling at 102/110 and we were having 38 as production cost and over 70 were put in the basket for sharing, but today, we are selling at 46 and the Joint Venture partners are still taking 38 as their cost of production thereby leaving us with less than $20. So, how are we going to survive?

“But we are still moving and thinking of how we are going to show that Nigeria has piloted change. So, the people of northern Nigeria or the entire Nigeria should look at this scenario because those in the global business know what the situation is and there is no magic. So, therefore I believe the President is doing well and he started very well.

However, he asserted that Nigeria’s economy will experience a significant improvement as all the leakages are being blocked through the introduction of the Treasury Single Account (TSA).

He stressed that Buhari came on board with many agenda and Nigerians need to give him time and the chance to do the work.

“Definitely, he will deliver the campaign promises and at the same time, the issue of security, energy, productivity and discipline in the service, what he has achieved within the five months is remarkable.

“I have no idea that they are not happy because if anyone can say that, it should not be the north alone, it should be all Nigerians.

“And I am surprised anyone will say he or she is not happy but maybe they are not happy because he did not consult them in the selection of who his ministers will be. But in general terms, he has done well,” Yari said.


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