Man Kicked Out By Wife Forced To Live On Lawn Of Million Dollar Mansion


A Texas couple is in the news for taking their marital spat to a whole new level. The husband has apparently set up camp on the front lawn, ever since his doctor wife kicked him out of their million dollar mansion in Taylor Lake Village, Seabrook. According to local police, Sharafat Khan, 69, has been living outdoors for the past six months!

According to Oddity Central, Khan is basically living the life of a homeless man, even though he legally owns half the mansion. He told the media that his wife took away his keys and had the locks changed after she kicked him out several months ago. His friends and family members have tried to convince him to move to a hotel, but he’s reluctant to leave the property and hopes that she’ll eventually change her mind. “My emotions are with this house,” he said.

The neighbors have tried to help him by bringing him blankets and warm clothes, but the wife apparently takes everything away. “She doesn’t want me to have any sort of comfort,” Khan said. She’s even put up signs all over the property warning people against helping or feeding him. “If you want to feed him, take him to your house,” one sign reads. “If you want to, you can keep him at your house. Thanks for your sympathy, but do not bring anything on this property.”


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