Hit And Run Driver Posts Bloody/Dead Photo Of Victim On Social Media

Source: Police are investigating after a 16-year old was hit and killed by a vehicle as he tried to cross a road in Jacksonville, Florida late on Sunday. The driver who apparently fled the scene made social media posts giving away his crime. “I just killed a man,” he tweeted immediately after the collision and shared images of the boy, Trevius Williams, lying in the pool of his blood.


In a separate tweet he wrote: “Worst night of my life.” The victim’s mother is distraught, she says she finds it difficult coming to terms with the fact she’ll never see him again.

The boy that was killed…Trevius

“My niece called me and told me that this guy that killed my son has taken pictures and put it on social media. Who does that? You have to be some kind of monster.” the mum fumed

Reacting to the tweets, the police investigating the incident told Action News

“I think it puts a view on the driver of not having a lot of respect for the circumstances. I mean, he, in fact he tweeted the information so it could be used against him.”

The driver, who has not been charged and is not facing any charges whatsoever, is helping officers with their investigation, police said.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog


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