Ghanaian Actor, John Dumelo Planning To Get Married Soon?!?


Latest rumors are saying that hunky Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo might be making plans to get wedded soon.

Yesterday (October 11) he shared a picture of man kissing and embracing a woman with the caption “Loading 24%”.

This morning he shared the same picture but this time around with a different caption. “June 11th is her birthday…..and that’s our big day…..” he wrote. He later deleted the picture.

The latest picture he shared shows a man and woman holding hands, the caption read “Loading…..78%” followed with heart emojis.

John Dumelo does indeed have a girlfriend which was revealed by his former Best Friend Forever Yvonne Nelson. “One day you’ll post your girlfriend’s pic for the world to see so I can be free…..the arguments are out of this world. In our pics we look so perfect but we won’t last a week in a romantic relationship. I’ll investigate every txt n every call……and I know you’ll do the same… are more than just a best friend” she wrote on his birthday in February this year.


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