Excessive S#x Demand, Reason For Sevyn Streeter & B.o.B’s Break Up

R&B singer Sevyn Streeter and her boyfriend rapper B.o.B are currently taking a break from their relationship and according to a friend of the couple, it’s because they are not sexu@lly compatible as Sevyn wants way more s#x than B.o.B. He’s hung like that and doesn’t have a huge sexu@l appetite?

“Sevyn and B.o.B. really love each other. They have chemistry, everything, The only problem is the s#x. Sevyn has a real strong sexu@l appetite, and she needs a lot of it. B.o.B is more laid back and doesn’t crave it as much. I think that’s what cause them to split.” the anonymous friend supposedly told MTO




Source: Linda Ikeji Blog


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