Crocodile Discovered At Niger State Presidential Lodge

The staff at Niger State Presidential Lodge, Minna, went on an impromptu break following the discovery of a live crocodile at the lodge.

The reptile was discovered by some security men at the lodge where the Finance committee investigating the finances of the immediate past government in the state has been sitting.

It was learnt that the security men came in with a guest but were shocked at the sight of the crocodile under the car of another guest who was lodged at the suite.

They raised an alarm which made the workers scamper for safety, thereby halting the activities at the lodge for a moment.

It took the concerted effort of the security men to catch the reptile and take it away from the lodge.

Confirming the incident was the Chief Press Secretary to Niger State Governor, Dr. Ibraheem Dooba.

He said that it was very unusual for a crocodile to be found in the Presidential suite owing to the fact that the area is not the usual riverine areas where such creatures are found.

Source: The Trent



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