Charly Boy Explains Why Nigerian Singers Release Terrible Songs, Says They Don’t Want To Be Broke Like Him


In a recent interview with NAN, Area Fada of Abuja entertainment, Charly Boy has opened up on why artistes don’t release good music.

Charly Boy said most of them are after the money and they don’t want to be broke.

“You cannot blame them for that, they didn’t get into the business to come and be broke like me. So, they want to make money, and not die poor like so many entertainers,“If I know that some people like that, I will play that so that they can buy more and I can make money, period. I can tell you what you want to hear and you will give me money. If you are not buying, the musicians will not produce it. It is because you are buying, that they are playing and making their money,” Charly said.


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