I’m Not Ready For Marriage, Says Flavour Who Already Has 2 Kids


Famous highlife singer, Flavour has come out to say he is not yet ready to get married even though he has two babies from two women.

In an interview with My Joy Online, Flavour expressed why settling down now will be a bad idea for him.

Marriage is a serious thing” he said, “it’s a decision that when you make it’s like you are in it or you are not so you don’t need to make the wrong decision. That’s the most important thing.

If you want to marry, for marrying sake then it doesn’t make sense. You are not defining marriage and because of the kind of job we do, I hardly stay at home so where am I going to have the time to give my family? So it is very difficult” he further stated.

Still speaking on the matter he disclosed that if he had a regular job, marriage would be no problem for him, but his schedule as an artiste would not permit that.

If I was maybe a banker, a CEO of a company or some kind of job it would be very easy, because I would have just gone to work and return to my family every day. For almost two months now I have not been home so if I had a wife…what will be expected of me? That means I can’t go to work, I have to think about them because I can’t leave them lonely like that” he said.

Flavour welcomed a baby girl from former Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria Anna Banner in August.



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