14-Year-Old Boy Rapes, Kills Female Teacher, Takes Her Underwear


Police have arrested a 14-year-old boy after his teacher was found dead.   Philip Chism will be facing justice 2 years after killing and sexually assaulting his teacher Colleen Ritzer. Ritzer, 24, was a math teacher at the Danvers High School in Massachusetts, when she asked her student to stay after class.

However, she was reported missing after she did not return home from school. Surveillance video shows Chism following his teacher into a bathroom while wearing gloves.  12 minutes later, he was seen coming out of the bathroom by himself. He was seen pulling a recycling bin, which was later found next to the teachers body in a wooded area.

A fellow student said that Chism, was drawing in a notebook instead of taking notes in class and therefore, the teacher ordered him to stay after class.  Chism’s mother said that her son has been under stress after his parents’ divorce and they moved from Tennessee to Massachusetts, where the innocent took place.

When police confronted the teenager and searched his backpack, they found the teacher’s underpants and her ID along with her credit cards.  Chism’s lawyers plan to use a mental health defense. He is set to go on trial as an adult for rape, robbery and murder.



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