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10 Tips For Conquering Chores




Getting our kids to do chores takes effort. We need to remember that children are imperfect beings and so are we. Remember that they are, after all, CHILDREN, and by definition haven’t mastered themselves or their attitudes and so all of this is a work in progress.

Given all of that, here are eight tips on implementing chores and other methods.
Define the chore clearly

Nothing will drive your child more crazy than for you to say, “Go clean the bathroom” and have no idea what your expectations are until you descend upon them in a crazy rant saying, “That’s not clean! The mirrors are a mess.” For many years, we had 3×5 cards for each chore defining clearly what was involved in doing that chore so there were no questions.

Set a definite time-frame

A vague timeline (get your chores done on Saturday) is setting yourself up for defeat. Pick a definite time — such as “this list of chores must be done by 12 p.m. on Saturday” and have penalties if not completed such as a loss of privileges or my personal favorite, “penalty chores.” Mopping was always my favorite penalty chore because I hated doing it.

Have a no-nonsense attitude

Often parents cave in, give second chances, negotiate them away, and otherwise succumb to the mind-numbing whining and complaining. Don’t go down that slippery slope! Go into your bedroom and give yourself a pep talk. “I’m raising independent adults here. This is crucial to their development. I can be tough. This is important.” Hop around the room a bit, throw those shoulders back and go back out there and be FIRM.

Chores must be done before “Elvis leaves the building.”

This works great for older kids who always have somewhere they want to go. They must be done before they can leave. Great motivation. For younger kids, it can be chores before TV. Prime motivation.

Use rewards

This is always a contentious point with parents. We do NOT believe in paying for chores. We all do chores as a member of the family. However, that does not mean that there are no rewards. For little ones, stickers are absolutely fabulous. They LOVE stickers. We had big boxes of a huge variety and let them pick out what stickers they wanted to put on their chart and which one they wanted to wear when they were done.

Little ones are fairly easy

You can use stickers, magnetic systems, initials, smiley faces, etc. We would give rewards for attitude, promptness, etc. If they did them willingly or got them all done on time, sometimes (RANDOMLY) they would get a coupon for ice cream or something. Random works best. Remember that. That means, do not give a reward all the time. Every once in a while you can reward some aspect like quality or happy attitude and that will help improve the overall work.

As kids get older, make the rewards less and less

You want them to get to the point at about age 10 where they just do them because we all do them and that’s the expectation. By this age, there should be no reward systems. You merely use loss of privileges or leaving to play as mentioned above. You want to nip in the bud the mentality that they have to get some tangible reward for everything they do.
Occasionally freak them out by posting your own list of chores

I love the, “You-are-SO-lazy!” routine my kids try to pull. Sometimes they try to act as if I am personally punishing them. Whatever. So occasionally I make a humungous to-do list of all the things I do and post it and ask if they want to trade. That usually nips that in the bud.

Use both arms

If you’re married, get your spouse to back you up completely on chores. Often, they’ll respond to Daddy more than Mommy so if you’re Dad, step up to the plate and supervise! Or you can trade off being in charge. But if one is a softy, good luck. Won’t work well. Remember to keep discussing the End Goal. (“Dear, do you want these children to live with us forever as in stuck in this house for their mortal existence?”)

Be persistent

Day after day, week after week, month after month. Just keep plugging away at it. Some weeks will go great, others will be horrendous. Keep working at it. It will get better and easier. But it will never be perfect.

I always crack up when one of my kids says, “You didn’t tell me I had to do chores before I could leave!!!” with all the indignant attitude they can muster. And I chuckle. “How long have you lived in this house? You’ve been doing chores for over 14 years and now it’s a big surprise to you? That’s so tragically sad!” I’m not buying it. But they keep trying — they are persistent, I’ll give them that!

There comes an incredible day in all of this when you get payback. A weekend will hit and they will all go do their chores well without a hitch. And you sit back, stunned, and asked, “Were all the planets aligned or something??” Or you realize that you’ve been swamped for a week and that the whole house kept humming along without you. And you’re rather surprised by how it all flowed.

Or your child goes off to college or work and writes one of those much longed-for and anticipated letters, “Dear Mom and Dad. I just want to say thank you for all the things you taught me. Thank you for everything you did for me that I didn’t appreciate. You did a great job training me.” Man, you frame those!

And you’ll realize – it worked!! And it was worth it.

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Exotic Resorts May Be the Best Bet for a Holiday



An exotic vacation usually means exploring a distant foreign country, whilst resorts are places
to go for rest, sport, or which offers a particular speciality, with many resorts being part of a
popular tourist destination or on or near a beach. If you are planning a vacation to an exotic
resort it can be a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to a far-flung destination or a luxurious place to
stay closer to home where you can enjoy some pampering.

Why stay at an exotic resort

Exotic resorts often offer all-inclusive vacation deals, along with other options that leave you
to plan your stay more precisely to your own wishes. These resorts offer excellent customer
service, superb accommodation and facilities and are usually to be found in beautiful settings.
Here are some of the best resorts from around the world for you to consider:

Four Seasons Resort, Seychelles
This famous resort has made many feel they have entered Paradise. The gentle ocean breeze
floats up the granite hillside and into your tree-house villa tucked away from the other guests
staying at the resort. This is perfect for encouraging you to relax, either by your private pool
or in the clear blue waters of Petite Anse Bay. Perfect for a romantic stay, there is a Spa for
pampering and the chance for a sunset meal on a deserted beach.

Some enjoy simply sitting on their balcony, gazing at the ocean between reading their book,
sketching or checking out international bookmakers and betting sites for the chance of a
flutter. If you want another type of adrenaline kick, check out the resorts excellent kayaking
and snorkelling facilities, which are recommended by nearly all who try it.

Anantara Resort, Hua Hin, Thailand

The ultimate tropical getaway, the Anantara Resort is an award-winning site modelled on a
traditional Thai village and is just three hours drive south of Bangkok. The location is where
Thai royalty and aristocrats have been holidaying for almost one-hundred years. Today, you
can visit historical attractions alongside theme parks and shops as well as vineyards and golf

The resort is set among 14 acres of lush tropical grounds with lotus-filled lagoons and
meandering pathways through exotic foliage, with many rooms overlooking the shoreline.
Each day, chefs prepare freshly caught local seafood alongside Thai specialities. The resort
also has an award-winning spa located within a lagoon-inspired oasis offering you the perfect
opportunity to relax.

Kurumba, Maldives

Kurumba is a well-established resort that opened almost 50 years ago and continues to offer
superb hospitality and contemporary facilities. There are seven speciality restaurants offering
cuisine from Italy to the Middle East as well as Thila, a restaurant which extends out over the
water which offers gourmet breakfasts and seafood dinners.

You can go snorkelling over the nearby reef full of colourful marine life or sign up to a dive
package as part of your stay, or just enjoy a private pool when staying at one of the spacious
villages. There are also deluxe beachfront bungalows offering direct beach access and views
of the crystal-clear waters.

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Healthcare Workers To Receive Coca-Cola-Funded PPEs From Nigerian Red Cross



Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease in Nigeria, our healthcare workers have continued to lead the charge against the disease. As the number of recorded COVID-19 cases in Nigeria began to increase, these healthcare workers rose to the challenge and fought tirelessly to protect the lives of Nigerians impacted by the disease.

Considering the risks these healthcare workers face, there is a crucial need for adequate protective equipment for these brave frontline workers.

Coca-Cola is excited that over 400,000 Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) procured to support the intervention efforts of the Nigerian Government and other key stakeholders to fight the COVID 19 pandemic have arrived. We do believe that this will to provide succor to our healthcare workers on the frontlines

These PPEs comprise N95 respirators, surgical masks, examination gloves, face shields, medical gowns, no-touch thermometers, disposable aprons, heavy-duty rubber gloves, rubber boots, basic masks, disposable gloves, and hand sanitizers.

Since the first confirmed case of the disease in Nigeria reported in February, over 800 healthcare workers have contracted the disease. While Nigerians are encouraged to stay home where possible and practice social distancing, these healthcare workers are needed across the country in the continued fight against the disease.

This donation forms part of The Coca-Cola Foundation’s COVID-19 relief interventions in Nigeria. The Coca-Cola Foundation has provided $2.5m in grant to IFRC who seeks to directly impact the lives of 1.4 million people in Nigeria and across other countries in West and Central Africa under this partnership.

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Events in Nigeria

Taking Care of Tomorrow’s Leaders Today – The itel, Lagos Food Bank Example



Waking up to a special meal or choice gift is the best feeling ever. Hundreds of children in Mushin, mainland Lagos, had a filling taste of this feeling for the October 1 st celebrations. It’s an experience they will remember for a long time.

Being one of the most responsible corporate citizens around, celebrating Independence Day was always going to be on the radar for itel Mobile. To make this possible and memorable, the brand got to work in earnest. The focus of the work was picking the best way to commemorate the 60th independence anniversary of the most populous black nation on earth.

The efforts soon paid off through an impact-driven partnership with the Lagos Food Bank Initiative. With the arrangement, both partners considered a couple of activities capable of affecting communities positively and bringing smiles to people’s faces in Lagos. At the end of the exercise, taking care of children, the leaders of tomorrow, in the commercial city secured the highest votes.

With the decision, itel Mobile set about making this happen. Not surprisingly, the decision was
influenced by giving children the means to excel and prepare them for leadership and nation-building, for them to enjoy better life. For the good of their immediate family, community and the Nigerian society.

Idiko, Mushin, a suburb of mainland Lagos, was chosen as the benefiting community. And the partners strategically reached out to the beneficiaries, children and families, with gifts of love, care, happiness and support made possible by the itel Love Always On CSR initiative.

Over 1,000 families benefited from the gesture as well as 600 children, and each one of them received food packages to celebrate Nigeria’s 60 th Independence Day commemoration.

Speaking on the event and itel’s Love Always On CSR Initiative, Oke Umurhohwo, itel’s Marketing Manager said, ‘We wanted to mark this year’s Independence Day celebrations differently, and that is why we did something so momentous for our children. Children are the backbone of any longstanding community, and as such, we are proud to be able to give back and support them on their journey as leaders of tomorrow and for a better life.’

To meet the demands of the memorable event, 30 volunteers joined the customer-centric brand and the Lagos-based NGO to share smiles, and to convey just how important it is to love and take care of today’s children who will ultimately become leaders of tomorrow.

With the thoughtful activity, there are insights for everyone, from the government to citizens, on partnerships that are capable of making life better for children. Indeed, itel Mobile and the Lagos Food Bank Initiative have offered a great template on bringing this to reality.

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