Yemen Rebels ‘Free Foreign Hostages’


Yemen’s Houthi rebels have released six foreign hostages including three Americans, two Saudis and a Briton, Yemeni officials say. There are no details on their identity. They are reportedly being flown from the capital Sanaa to neighbouring Oman. BBC reports:

Shia Houthi rebels have seized much of Yemen, including Sanaa, since last year. They are fighting government troops aided by a Saudi-led coalition. Many foreigners have been seized and freed in Yemen in recent years.

Reports say the six involved in the latest incident were captured several months ago, and at least one was a journalist detained after entering the country without notifying the rebel authorities.

Last month the local branch of al-Qaeda released British hostage Bob Semple, a 64-year-old oil worker who had been held for 18 months.

The Saudi-led coalition is trying to restore exiled President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, who left as the Houthis swept across Yemen last year.


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