Woman Drugs Neighbour, Kidnaps Her Baby Because He Was Very Cute


A woman was arrested after kidnapping her neighbor’s baby, police in Taiwan said.  Police in Yilan, said that when the 51-year-old woman saw her neighbor’s baby for the first time, she fell in love with him and she wanted to raise him. WWWN has more:

The woman allegedly said that the 6-month old boy is the cutest baby she had ever seen. She offered the mother $300 a month for the rights to raise the baby.  When the mother, who was identified as Yu, refused to hand over her baby, the suspect hatched a plan to kidnap the child.  One day, when the woman came to visit Yu, she drugged her and then kidnapped the baby.

When Yu woke up, she called her neighbor, demanding that she return her baby. The crazed woman denied seeing the baby. Police searched the home of the suspect and found the baby. He was not injure. The suspect told police that she  recently suffered a miscarriage and she wanted a baby to replace the one she lost.

She also tried to plead temporary insanity, but a police investigation revealed no evidence that she had been pregnant or had a miscarriage. The woman was arrested and charged with kidnapping.


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