Police Discover Loaded Handgun In Woman’s Private Parts


A woman attempted to hide her loaded gun by placing it in her private parts. 31-year-old Ashley Cecilia Castaneda is lucky to be alive after her handgun, which was hidden inside her private parts, was fully loaded while she was traveling in her car. Scoop has more:

Police in Texas, pulled over a car, which was driven by 30-year-old Gabriel Garcia.  Police said that they found 2.7 grams of drugs under the seat of the vehicle. When the pair was questioned, Castaneda allegedly admitted that she has a gun hidden in an unconventional holster.

Castaneda was arrested and escorted to the Waco jail, where a female officer carried out a cavity search and found the .22 caliber semi-automatic Smith and Wesson pistol. It was fully loaded.

Police confiscated the weapon, digital weighing scales and 29.5 grams of meth, which was found in her purse, according to police.  The driver of the car was also arrested and charged with possession of meth in a school zone.


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