[OPINION] Open Letter To Olisa Metuh On His Comment About Saraki’s Trial – Babatunde Olanipekun

Olisa Metuh

In as much as I do not most times comment on the issues in our political scene, I find it unbearable at this time to stomach the daily unwarranted, self motivated, mischievous and most importantly embarrasing statements from the publicity secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party Chief Olisa Metuh.

He is a man I respect so much as a spokesman of his party as he is doing the job he is elected to do by his party. I would have tongue-lash him if he had fallen short of that responsibility.

However, what I find most disturbing is Mr Metuh’s recent statement condemning the the bench warrant issued against the Senate President Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki for falling to appear before the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

Mr Metuh should note that while his party held sway, there were mind burgling financial crimes which were alleged to have been committed by members of his party yet; his party could find nothing wrong with that. It noteworthy that under the PDP led Federal Government, the anti corruption war was relegated to the floor as the anti corruption agencies were handicapped in performing the legal duties.

Those who were convicted of financial improprieties were granted pardon by the federal government and some of them were even closer to the president than his wife.

It is noteworthy to state that the Buhari administration has categorically stated that he would not spare members of his party in his anti corruption war. Even, the crimes Saraki is being accused of are what he was said to have commited when he was the governor of Kwara state and at that time he was a member of the PDP.

Let Mr Metuh know that if Nigeria is to make meaningful progress, his incessant irritating statement condemning prosection of those who have been alleged is ill motivated, unintelligently drafted and immaturedly executed. It only shows that the PDP is still bent on dragging Nigeria into the journey of economic still born.

Mr Metuh should be reminded that when his party was in power, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress was dragged before the same Code of Conduct Tribunal by his party and no noise was made about it. What Bola Tinubu did then was to go and answer the charges against him and he was not found guilty.

If Nigeria is to make meaning progress, we must all join hand and build our dear nation and restore her on the path of economic prosperity.

I call on sane members of the PDP to call spokesman to order and tell him that it is not on all issues that he should make a statement. Let him engage in constructive criticism rather than his arrant, unguided and highly misleading verbal assult on the war aganist corruption.

I rest my case.



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