Nigerians Hail Buhari For Speaking The Truth In Calling Ministers Noisemakers

Gen. Buhari

While speaking with French television station, France 24 on Wednesday, President Muhammadu Buhari was quizzed on why he is delaying in appointing his ministers. Buhari in his response to the question said not yet appointing any minister is not adversely affecting his administration. He said since the bulk of the people who do most of the work in ministries are the civil servants, then there is nothing to fear. Still responding to the question, Buhari went on to describe ministers as mere noisemakers and that people who are faulting his administration on the issue are just being political.

Nigerians have reacted to Buhari’s response to this question and INFORMATION NIGERIA has gathered some of these reactions using our platform. Here are some of them:

Josephine Bulus agreed that the ministers are mere figureheads who do nothing but go up and down making noise and furthering their political agenda. She however added that “for realizing this and publicly saying, Mr. President, I can vote you hundred times in office if possible. This only means there is hope for civil servants to live a better life”.

Ngozi Chuks commended Buhari for showing his boldness at speaking the truth yet again. He added that since Buhari has acknowledged the fact that civil servants do the bulk of the work in ministries, he should make it a good reason to increase workers’ salaries as is being clamoured by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC). Ifeanyi Chukwu corroborated Chuks’ suggestion saying Buhari should ensure that the salaries of the people who actually do all the work in ministries are promptly paid and their welfare properly taken care of.

Sede Austin also hailed Buhari for this statement, but he concluded his comment with a little advice. He said “Yeah, for the first time you are right but let money circulate because people are dying of starvation”. Vicky Atang also hailed Buhari, saying  “you are very correct Mr. President”.

Igho Vincent opined that it was evident in the past administration that ministers are mere noisemakers who use their position to enhance their political aspirations. Vincent said “Exactly Mr. President, they are NOISE makers!!! We saw abundant evidence of this in the last administration. Come to think of it, what value do these so called ministers really add to our lives as citizens? Isaac Goodluck said Buhari is very right with his statement but this does not mean he shouldn’t appoint them. He advised that “instead their salaries should be reduced”.


  1. The president is right. The ministers are are only there plan on how to go about to loot, and do the money laundering to overseas banks. While the workers doing the job. Nigeria ministers are bunch of irresponsible.


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