Na*ked Man Walks Into Court, Steals Prosecutor’s Jacket


Police in Michigan, were called after a man without clothes walked into a courthouse and stole a prosecutor’s jacket. Police said that the man walked into the Leelanau County courthouse in just boxers and a baseball cap, and was seen leaving wearing a jacket.

According to WWWN, surveillance video revealed that the suspect entered Joe Hubbell’s office and exited with the jacket.  Leelanau County Undersheriff Steve Morgan said that after reviewing surveillance video, deputies arrested the 38-year-old man who is known to them.Morgan said that a janitor saw a man inside the building on Government Center Drive, and called police.  Police said that incident took place about 10:40 p.m. The suspect did not steal anything other than the jacket and he then left the courthouse.

Hubbell said that if the suspect is charged for robbery, he will not prosecute the case.  Hubbell said that although he is missing a jacket, he is more concerned how the suspect got into the building that was supposed to be secured, but apparently left unlocked.


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