Malivelihood Gives Tuface N5,570,000 Wrist Watch As A Birthday Gift [Photo]

Michael Awujoola, Malivelihood who is known for gifting celebrities and government officials eye popping gifts on their special days, has customized a $27,850 (N5,570,000) Hublot big bang classic Fusion 18k Rose Gold White Dial with 2face Idibia Fortyfied design on it.

The watch also comes with an alligator leather strap 45MM and a sapphire glass. Only deserving for a legend!



  1. wrist watch of N5.7m?? Nigeria, una fit waste money. will it show or tell him the second coming of Jesus ?? instead of pray for him and give reasonable gifts u went and got him inconsequential wrist watch. imagine people offering gifts to a richest young musician while poor people were left unattended.
    did u offered him such a wasteful gifts so that we can thank u or 2face to thank u?? u are just wasting and God is not happy with u for what shall be a reward if rich man offer gift to rich man?? go thru scriptures. be wise!


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