Male Celebrities Who Crush On Genevieve Nnaji And Their Confessions

Obviously, Genevieve Nnaji is an amazing personality within the Nigerian Entertainment industry and abroad. She is most times referred to as the queen of Nollywood. She has been a role model and a source of inspiration to many young ladies in Nigeria and beyond.


With all her achievements, Style and Class, it is only normal for men to crush over her but when Celebrities like her start “Crushing” too, that means there must be something about the ebony-hued innocent looking damsel from Mbaise, Imo State for many of her colleagues’ fantasies to revolve around her.

Probably its her social discipline; i wouldn’t know, but Genny who is a mother of one, has little or no scandals compared to her contemporaries.

Now lets take a look at Celebrities who have had and still have Crush on the “goddess”. Lets roll……

Honestly, I’m not dating Genevieve. Let me clear the air now. I never had a crush on her.

‘Genevieve is my crush. When we were together at an event recently, I told her that. I like petite woman who I can ‘possess.’ However, I know I can’t get her because there are some political issues involved, but if she’s willing to be mine, I’ll drop anything for her…if she agrees to marry me today, we’ll do the wedding tomorrow in a quiet way, because I don’t like elaborate weddings. It’s supposed to be a quiet affair.’

‘My Woman, My Everything’ and Genevieve’s picture was one of the first he put up on Instagram to promote the song. Of course, his action was quickly translated to mean that he has the hots for the screen gem, and he hasn’t come out to deny that since then.

‘Genevieve Nnaji is my crush. I will give anything to have her. I can’t rule out dating her because nothing is impossible. It should be noted that Phyno repeatedly chanted Genevieve’s­ name in his album,’No Guts, No Glory.’

‘Genevieve is everything in a woman, I’m so crazy about her. She is single, I’m single, and I want to date her.’

‘I really had a crush on Genevieve until I met her and I realized she was my aunty. I love her. When I was a kid, I loved watching her movies. I met her when I was with my older uncles, they told her to come meet their boy (me) and I said ‘Good evening ma’. It is all good though, I still love you Genevieve,’

He once confessed that he has a crush on Genny during a TV programme. I wouldn’t even make out with her, I will just stand in the elevator very close to her and soak up her aura. Like, is she an angel or a real human being?’

‘If I was to get trapped in an elevator with someone, it would be Genevieve Nnaji.’ He has reportedly proclaimed his love for Genny to his friends on many occassions.

Banky W once confessed this much in an interview saying, ‘I tried (to have her) but Genevieve is Genevieve. I had a big crush on her at one point but now, we are really cool friends.’

Do you also crush on her? Me………….



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