Kylie Jenner Urges Tyga Do More And Be Like Drake


Recently turned 18 socialite, Kylie Jenner has urged her boyfriend, Tyga to up his rap game and become as powerful as Drake! In fact, she wants them to become the ‘it’ couple just like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West but Tyga needs to do more!

Kylie, who is currently outselling her sisters with her latest app, has been comparing her beau to Drake, 28, in hopes that it will push him to work harder, with the goal of making them more relevant in Hollywood.

“Kylie’s Hollywood’s ‘it’ girl, but she wants more than that. She wants her and Tyga to be Hollywood’s ‘it’ couple, just like Kim and Kany,” a sources tells the site.

“The only reason she compared him to Drake was because of the success of their mix tapes. When Drake dropped If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late, it caught everybody by surprise and it was the most-talked about tape for a week after that. Drake had killer tracks on the mix and Kylie knew every word to ‘Know Yourself’ the day after it dropped. Kylie just wants Tyga to be on and poppin’ like Drake, and sitting on top of the game. That’s why she made the comparison — to put a fire under his ass, and make him hit the studio harder,” the source adds.

It’s likely that Kylie loves Tyga too much and just wants the best for him. “She would never talk down Tyga’s new mix tape, Fuk What They Talkin’ Bout,” the source added.

“Hell, she was in the ‘Stimulated’ music video! She knew that by being in the video, her presence would draw major attention to it. And she was right! Everybody talked about the video and it made the song that much more popular. Kylie knew what she was doing. She did that to help her baby and to hype up that song and the rest of his mix tape. All she wants is for Tyga’s mixes to get the kind of energy like Drake’s do,” explains the source.


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