Falana Hails Buhari, Tukur On Soldiers’ Reinstatement, Seeks End To Courts Martial

Femi-FalanaHuman rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN), on Thursday commended the President Muhammadu Buhari Administration and Chief of Army Staff, Maj.-Gen. Tukur Buratai, for reinstating some soldiers who were dismissed for varying offences arising from the ongoing counter-insurgency war in the North-East.

He, however, said beyond the reinstatement of the 3,032 soldiers out of 5,000 as announced by the army authorities on Monday, the various courts-martial where he said some officers and soldiers were being tried for “unjustifiable reasons”, should be dissolved immediately.

Falana argued that the soldiers who were being prosecuted and those already convicted by the various courts-martial were put on trial for demanding better equipment to fight the terror war.

He specifically called for the review of the cases of about 70 soldiers who had so far been sentenced to death by general courts-martial.

The respected lawyer recalled that “The immediate past military authorities put several soldiers on trial for demanding for equipment to fight the war on terror. Seventy of the soldiers were convicted and sentenced to death while scores were jailed by courts-martial.

“As the demand of the soldiers was legitimate, the military hierarchy could not justify the spurious sentences. To avoid further embarrassment, thousands of other soldiers who were indicted for the same ‘offence’, were summarily dismissed from the army. Convinced of the illegality of the treatment meted out to the soldiers, we approached the federal high court and the national Industrial Court for redress.

“It is gratifying to note that the Buhari Administration and the Chief of Army Staff have decided to reinstate 3,032 among the dismissed soldiers.

“However, we urge the Federal Government to extend the commendable gesture to several officers and soldiers who are currently standing trial. The trial should be terminated while the courts-martial are dissolved forthwith. In the same vein, the cases of those who have been convicted ought to be reviewed with a view to pardoning them in the interest of justice and fair play. More so, that the immediate past Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh has admitted that the armed forces led by him lacked the equipment to prosecute the war on terror”.


  1. PMB and Buratia is doing a great work, let those sentence soldiers be free and army have to compensate them becos they tried for our Nation Nigeria. God bless the federal government of Nigeria.

  2. My name is Juliana Cynthia I lives in the barracks where the 54 soldiers sentence to death are kept I wanted to report to human right activist the way they are treated badly but I don’t have there number my effort to collect femi falana number was abortive am urging mr president to see to the unhuman treatment to the innocent soldiers who badeh has vindicated are still kept in custody and were treated badly the officer I meet told me that the soldiers has being feeding there selves for months and yet there salary were not paid I took my time to asked from reliable source this 54 soldier sentence to death were the first set of soldiers who requested for equipment to fight the well equipped boko haram the source who told me and pleaded not to mention his name told me that in that 111 special forces battalion the Soldiers who were tried last year of the past wicked government in the unjustice military court martial secretly were originally 66 from the 111 special force battalion who officially requested for support weapon from there commander through duban to combat the wicked and heartless bokoharam after the same soldiers whom are rejamb by there commander after participating on 18th of the same August to combat the terrorist were later handed over to military police for the equipment they asked for 6 of them reportedly ran away and now have being recalled by the pannel set up the source said are they telling us that this 54 also should have ran away to come back for the recall? This 54 soldiers were suppose to be first people the pannel should attend to they should allow human right to go and see there wellbeing. This boys are not guilt take me to anywhere in the world as a woman I will still tell you that they are not guilt. Keeping this soldiers in custody is unhuman and they should be release and compensated for unlawful detention and for spoiling the innocent soldiers name for the sin they do not committed. Am not there lawyer am a lady who leaves in the barracks am urging the mr president and there lawyer san femi falana to know about the innocent soldiers condition. Why do the pannel do not review there case and army lied and go ahead and name the 54 soldiers cases that it will be review. What are they still waiting for and why those guys are still in the custody? Thank God for Buhari who is ready for justice. Mr chief of army staff Sir please give immediate order for the release of this innocent soldiers. They do not treaten anybody and they do not fire anybody it was duban with there are commander which every good commander will do. The soldiers complain after they are colleague were killed merciless on 9th of july. It is pity for honest people have being detained and government has not done anything about that and I know after this there will be unconditional release of the innocent soldiers. We remind the military authority that this is democracy and this boys deserve freedom and should be treated well for good job well done when they were in battle field. And for having the courage to asked there commander freely which former CDS Alex Badeh has testified that it was true that there were no equipment at the time the soldiers requested for equipment and that was not enough the former GOC M.Y Ibrahim who was the GOC at the material time has testified that there was no equipment at the time the soldiers requested for the equipment. Sir mr femi falana San. Am Juliana this men are suffering in the custody. I know mr president is not awear that the 54 soldiers are still kept in custody.

  3. God bless the federal government of Nigeria, God bless Buhari. Baba you have tried but main thing have not be done where are the soldiers that says the truth about our looted money, where are the soldiers that requested for equipment that Nigeria army court martial sentence to death to cover their evil. They deserve recommendation for saying the truth about the ill equipment. Mr PMB the army need to review their case for justice to reign. why army is still keeping them in custody. Army suppose to start from them first, so we urge the federal government for the review their case immediately.

  4. We urge the federal government for quick review of the soldiers sentence to death. We are telling the federal government that we knows the truth concerning this case so the military can not hide the truth so for that we used to almighty Allah to beg the federal government to release the soldiers for saying the truth that former CDS Alex badeh refused to say because the fear of Minimah and his bad government. The soldiers complained before Badeh complain what a shame. The soldiers has been vindicated by Badeh speech.


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