BEWARE: Desperate Ritualists Now Attacking Schools [Photos]


An eyewitness gave the report as follows…

This happened today. These two men came to a school in Alakuko area of Lagos well dressed. The bigger one was pleading with the principal in her office for his wife in labour which was obliged with 1000 Naira.

Long story short, they dropped 200 Naira without anyone suspecting. But a student came to the office later and was about picking the money when the principal screamed! They took the money out to burn it but it refused to burn.

And in a shocking instant, like in the movies, the money disappeared. (Meanwhile, those ritualists were already at another school about 1km away, about to apply the same tactic). They were traced to their new spot and interrogated.

They were lucky to have not been lynched. The police took them away later. But for the fear that they might be let off the hook, I want the world to see their faces. Note their faces, in case they approach you asking for alms. They are ritualists!

Be careful! Monitor your children from now on. Advice the school to beef up their security. And lastly, advice your wards to never ever pick money from the ground.


Source: Nairaland


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