Abiola Ajimobi’s Daughter, Jibola Weds [Photos]

A proud and excited Oyo state Governor Abiola Ajimobi walked his beautiful daughter Jibola Ajimobi down the aisle last two Thursdays, September 10, 2015, in a wedding dress alleged to be worth N23million naira!


Ajibola wedded her heartthrob, Ayokunle Ajayi in Beirut, following their grand traditional wedding in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria three weeks back. The Ajimobis spared no kobo as the entire household stepped out in grande style for the luxurious wedding. Check out the couple’s humongous wedding cake and their family at the super luxurious wedding.

Source: Laila’s blog


  1. Big thieves….sending tax payers money. God is watching you what comes around goes around. These are the people’s money and you send 22m on a wedding dress. These people are just wicked…

  2. Arrant nonsense! Still it doesn’t make her more beautiful upon the makeups buried on her from head to toe. All I see is nothing but waste of money on ugly she.

  3. teachers have not been paid for months in Oyo state and the governor spends 23 millions on a wedding dress. What are the oyo state people looking at, they should riot and inpeach Ajumobi. What is Buhari and the anti- corruption squad doing.

  4. you are worse than gadaffi who turned his country men and women into morons look at what happened to him he fell through the hands of ordinary citizens such shall be your lot and your ugly biches and those urging you on you arrogant and proud loud mouth pharaoh continue there is Godoooooo

  5. Gog has created every women being to this world through his love, we all believe that thy God, and that we are created in God image, but we women being we don’t love our for any thing either another person is sofa we don’t want to known, but there is God, and God is washing loop loop, and God is excepting you and i to come and given an account to him, “what tayp of an account do you?


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