7 Things You Must Overlook In Your Partner When In A Relationship


When it comes to love and relationships, everyone wants their partner to have certain qualities. In fact, these qualities often attracts one person to another in the first place. But, let us not forget that no one is perfect. Every individual has certain flaws. And sometimes, you try hard to change those not-so-good qualities of the person with little to no success. But hey! If you are truly, madly and deeply in love with your partner, then you can overlook certain things about the person. After all, a relationship is all about a bit of perfection and a bit of imperfection.

Well, here we give you a list of seven such things which you can overlook in your partner and continue having a blissful relationship with them.

#2. Based upon the age difference

Do not reject him/her due to the age difference. After all, age is just a number. The thought of what society will think about your age gap is certainly not a reason to neglect your partner. You are both happy and love each other, so why stress over such useless issues?

#3. Based upon the difference in height

Ignoring someone because he/she is not tall enough will be your biggest mistake. Your relationship should be based on love, understanding and trust. Height should not be the factor to consider here.

#4. Based upon their looks

Even looks and appearances of the partner should not matter much. Looks change with age and time, but what remains intact forever is the loving nature of the person. So, love your partner for their nature, and not for their appearance.

#5. Based upon his/her friends

Friends are important for everyone. But, there are times when you might not like your partner’s friends for some or the other reasons. So, no matter how useless you consider their friends to be, it is best to overlook this thing. Your relationship is with your partner, not with his/her friends.

#6. Based upon their past behaviour

Just because your partner is known for flirtatious behaviour in the past, does not mean that you cannot count on him/her now. Agreed, that trusting such people seems difficult at first. But, as the time passes, you will come to know of their sincerity towards you by their behaviour, attitude and commitment. So, before cutting them off your life for good, try to ignore their past ways and give them a chance. Who knows, you both might be made for each other!

#7.Based upon his/her unromantic side

You might be an extremely romantic person and expect the same from your partner, but to your dismay your companion might not be that romantic. Having said that, maybe expressing their feelings for you is hard for them. Well, it can be frustrating at times. But hey, there must be something which your partner does to show his/her love towards you. Think about it and ignore the rest.

Ending the relationship is easy. You just come acrodss some faults in a person and break-up with them. But, if you know that whatever may be the situation, he/she will always be by your side, then it is best to overlook certain things in the relationship. And, be with them forever!

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