Woman Dies After Childbirth, Doctors Leave Severed Baby’s Head Inside Her


A young woman in India, died after doctors ripped her baby apart during childbirth.  32-year-old Geeta Devi of Uttar Pradesh, went into labor on Saturday night. Complications arose during the delivery, and doctors ended up removing the body of the baby, leaving the baby’s head inside the woman.

Unfortunately, Devi died as doctors tried to remove the head from her. Devi’s husband Hemant, 40, said that doctors are responsible for his wife’s death as they were negligent. According to the police investigation, the hospital was not equipped to successfully deliver her baby after complications occurred.  The hospital did not have enough doctors on call and therefore, the mother was referred to another hospital.

The doctors were not able to handle this tragic situation and it is due to this negligence that the baby’s head remained inside the mother.  Police are preparing to file charges of negligence against the doctors who were on call at the time of the incident.



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