Why I Waited 3 Years To Get Pregnant, Stephanie Okereke Reveals


Veteran Nollywood star actress and filmmaker, Stephanie Okereke-Linus, has spoken on why she waited three years before getting married.

Speaking to Genevieve Magazine, the actress said God determines the best for a couple to have a baby. “Waiting this long to have a baby is a personal choice, and God ultimately decides. You have to be ready mentally and physically. I had a film I was shooting and I was traveling a lot to, My movie is out now, and I cannot even promote it across Africa like I wanted to, because am stuck in one place” she told Genvieve Magazine.

It’s also Gods timing, neither my husband nor I were pressurized. I feel this is the right time for it to happen. Right after we got married, I was on set shooting. but this year is different. It’s the perfect year for me to get pregnant” she further said.


  1. Story!!!Just say it’s now God decided to open ur page of fruitfulness,how can a married woman that has crossed age 35 say it’s her choice not to get pregnant all along?Story for Tђξ gods indeed!U no see wetin u wan talk again but allthesame,I thank God for u and may He grant u safe delivery in due time IJN

  2. Some Nigerian actors really think we are dummies. I wonder who will believe this trash…@poster, did you say “why she waited 3 year b4 getting married?” check the title again! That was unprofessional of you!…@StephanieLinus lies


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