UK Reopens Tehran Embassy Four Years After Mob Attack


British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has presided over the reopening of UK’s embassy in Tehran, four years after it was trashed by a mob. Hammond’s visit on Sunday is the first by a British foreign secretary since 2003, as Tehran’s ties warm with the West. Aljazeera has more:

Hammond watched the British flag being raised in the garden of the opulent 19th century building while the national anthem played. The British foreign secretary said the ceremony marked the start of a “long” and “exciting” journey, calling Iran an “important country in a strategically important but volatile region.”

“Today’s ceremony marks the end of one phase in the relationship between our two countries and the start of a new one – one that I believe offers the promise of better,” he said.

“Last month’s historic nuclear agreement was another milestone, and showed the power of diplomacy, conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect, to solve shared challenges. “Re-opening the Embassy is the logical next step. To build confidence and trust between two great nations.”


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