Tyga To Face Yet Another Lawsuit For Club Hopping In Las Vegas


It would seem like the only good thing going for Tyga right now, is his relationship with Kylie.

The troubled rapper is getting sued by a club promoter for club hopping in Las Vegas.

According to signed legal documents, Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend signed a contract with a promoter to perform at ‘Body English’ for the sum of 25 thousand Dollars.

In his contract it was written that the rapper could not perform anywhere else in Vegas a week before the concert, and a month after the concert.

Contrary to his contract, Tyga had performed and gone on stage in another Las Vegas establishment a day before the Body English show.

The promoter, Z Entertainment, also says that Tyga did for not show up for his performance last November at Santa Monica.

Z Entertainment wants Tyga to cough out over one hundred thousand dollars in damages.


Last month, Tyga was sued $1.5m by Chuon Guen Lee, the co-creator of the of the Last Kings clothing line.


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