Sagay Encourage Looters To Confess

file photo: a public servant accused of stealing state funds
file photo: a public servant accused of stealing state funds

Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee against Corruption, Professor Itse Sagay, SAN, has encouraged people that know they are corrupt to come forward and confess. Those who confess will enjoy leniency, he promised.

President Muhammadu Buhari recently appointed a Presidential Advisory Committee against Corruption headed by Sagay, who told Vanguard, yesterday, that the committee would ensure the fight against corruption will not be selective. He said that the agenda for the anti-corruption committee was still being worked out by the Federal Government.

“The committee is still meeting to work out the details of its operations and their priorities, that is when the issue of the agenda will arise. It is premature to talk about that now,” he said.

“As for the question of selectivity, let me put it this way: any person, who has not been guilty of corruption, who has not looted the funds of Nigeria has no cause for alarm. So, all this escapist attitude of talking of selectivity and victimisation cannot arise, you cannot victimise an innocent man,” Sagay said.

“And anyone who knows that his hands are dirty, should come out and confess. I am sure, certain lenient terms can be obtained by him, but let them not hide under the cloak of selectivity ignoring that their hands are deep red with guilt.

“For me, there is no selectivity, it is plain and straight forward. Those who have looted the country’s funds are going to be requested to return them and in fact, prosecuted if necessary. It has nothing to do with selectivity.”

Professor Sagay expressed delight at his appointment. “I see it as an honour because this (corruption) is a major problem for the country, if we are going to develop, if we are going to eliminate poverty, misery and joblessness. These ills we are facing arise out of depletion of our resources by very focused anti social elements, who have sucked us dry.

“If we resolve it (corruption), we have resolved a major problem holding this country back. It is an honour and all of us in the committee are glad to put hands together with this government to try and solve that problem for the liberty of Nigeria,” Sagay said.



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