Petition: Justice Oloyede Lied Against Me – Aregbesola


Osun state governor, Rauf Aregbesola has described Justice Folahanmi Oloyede who petitioned the State House of Assembly to investigate him and his deputy, Mrs Titilayo Laoye-Tomori for alleged mismanagement of the state resources as a liar and an incompetent judge.

The seven-man investigative panel, consisting of mostly members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) set up by the House to investigate the petition had dismissed it for lacking in merit and also recommended the judge to the State Judicial Council and the National Judicial Commission for serious sanction for alleged betrayer of oath of her office.

Speaking at the 50th birthday party organised by the speaker of the state Assembly, Hon. Najeem Salaam, Aregbesola slammed the Judge saying she has lost her integrity in the judiciary.

“It is time for me to speak on the petition written by one of the judges in the state. I want to say that there was no basis in the petition. Its all lies. A judge that doesn’t know herself as judge. You can only see a judge and not heard. She (Oloyede) doesn’t have any substance in the judiciary. She lied against me,” Aregbesola said.

“The journalists should have checked the financial statement of the allocation before writing their stories. Most of them (journalists) want me out of office but I will triumph over them. If had collected N538 billion, Osun would have turned to Dubai. I am happy Buhari went to USA and it was said that 1 million barrel of crude oil was being stolen everyday.

“Is there any country that would lose 1 million barrel every day that would not suffer economic hardship? God will open economic doors to Osun soon. I was accused of not being in the state, I was perturbed by this report but the weekly executive meeting register proved them wrong.

“I have never gone on leave since November 2010 I came into governance. There is no single truth in judge’s petition. I will tell the side of my story bit by bit. I am confident that before the end of the month the period of hard time will smoke off in the state,” Aregbesola said.

Workers in the state have resumed during the past week following an agreement between the Labour and the government. Albeit reluctantly, workers in the state are back at work. The state government has reportedly paid half of January and half of February salaries.


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