Passenger Arrested For Stealing From Another Passenger’s Bag On Lagos To Warri Trip [PHOTOS]

According to the eyewitness who was in G.AGOFURE MOTORS heading to Warri from Lagos that the robber was caught in the act.


The story line is this;

He is a passenger and was arguing that he must sit at the back sit with his friend who is much younger than him


‎He even refused a lady to sit at the back. So he sat close to his gang to provide shield for him while he search the bags of passengers close to him.

The woman whose bag he was searching, started hearing noises and looked back only to discover that the guy (thief) was holding her towel

‎And argument started, the guy was arguing that the towel belonged to him and so the driver stopped the bus

The guy just opened the door and started running but the driver chased him and push him down before other people supported him

Luckily, there were police around and the guy was arrested at Ibafo Ogun state.

‎We are at ibafo divisional hq now because we were robbed closed.

We have also discover his other gang and has been taken inside the station also..


Source: Report Naija


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