Netanyahu Vows To Go After ‘Fanatic’ Israeli Attackers


Israel’s security cabinet has approved new measures allowing “administrative detention” against Israelis who attack Palestinians, a plan which critics say is ineffective unless the issue of settlements is resolved. Aljazeera has more:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s declaration of “zero tolerance” against “fanaticism” on Sunday followed a pair of attacks last week, including the burning of a Palestinian baby in the occupied West Bank and a deadly stabbing during the gay pride march in Jerusalem.

Israel’s security cabinet issued a statement saying it had directed the security agencies “to take all necessary steps to apprehend those responsible and prevent similar acts”.

It said the measures would include using “administrative detention”, under which detainees can be held for months or years without charges. In the past, Israel had defended the administrative detention of Palestinians as a necessary tool for preventing attacks.

Jazeera’s Stefanie Dekker, reporting from Jerusalem, said details of the measure will be taken up by the Israeli cabinet at a meeting on Tuesday. It is unclear if the period of detention will be similar to that of Palestinian suspects.


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