Motorcycle That Runs On Water Invented In Brazil


Public officer Ricardo Azevedo is turning heads in his hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil, with his intriguing invention – a motorcycle that runs on water. The revolutionary bike – aptly dubbed ‘T Power H2O’ – is able to travel up to 310 miles (nearly 500 kilometers) on a single liter of water!

In a recently released video, Azevedo is shown drinking from a water bottle before pouring it into the tank to prove that his bike runs solely on water and not some kind of fuel. But clean water is optional, as he later demonstrates by filling the tank with polluted water from the Tiete River.

The T Power H2O motorcycle incorporates an external car battery that produces electricity and separates hydrogen from water molecules. This results in combustion, releasing energy that fuels the bike. “The advantage of this motorcycle, which works with the hydrogen that comes from the water, is that the result that comes of the exhaust is water vapor,” Azevedo explains. “This is different from gasoline, the result of which is carbon monoxide.”


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