M.I Describes His Perfect Woman In Funny Interview


Veteran rapper and President of Chocolate City, M.I, in a new interview with Vanguard opened up on the qualities his ideal woman must possess, which includes being tall.

“You know that picture of a real African woman? I think we have not really done much to appreciate African mothers. Do you know what they do? They take care of the kids and shop and take the kids to school and do many other things. Talking about the physical side of what I want in a woman, I want my children to be tall, so, she must be tall because I am not tall,” he said

He also noted if the woman is fair in complexion, then a throwback picture will be needed in order to detect if the colour is natural or artificial.

Then I don’t care about complexion. If she is fair, that would be a problem because I would have to see her childhood picture to confirm if that colour is natural or artificial. Most ladies that claim to be fair or appear to be fair these days use unnatural means to achieve it. So, getting her childhood picture would tell me all I need to know concerning her true complexion.



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