Jonathan’s Agric Revolution, A Big Scam – Oshiomhole

ADAMS OSHIOMHOLEThe much touted agricultural revolution under the Goodluck Jonathan administration has been described as a big scam by Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State.
He argued that the nation is still import-dependent on rice and other foods.
Speaking with The Nation, Oshiomhole accused the past administration of frittering away over N800billion on waivers for rice millers and others, adding that it also killed local rice production and made agriculture unattractive.
“The agriculture revolution was one of the advertised achievements of President Goodluck Jonathan but we have since realised that it was purely a scam on us. It is also a policy contradiction where a government will give waivers and support importers to import what can be produced locally, thereby putting its own people out of business while enriching other nations. Local manufacturers that produce locally are punished. Unfortunately for us, rice millers imported rice without even paying duties, as a nation we should not be seen to be importing what is locally produced. Where then is the success story in the sector? Agriculture is not about bow-ties and designers suits but hard facts that cannot be uncontroverted”, he pointed out.
According to the Edo governor, what the rice millers are practicing is known as dumping in international trade.
He also accused them of importing all manner of things both the good and the expired and dump it on the people whose government failed to protect them due to corruption and maladministration.
Gov. Oshiomhole also called for the immediate discontinuance of fuel importation, urging President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure the refineries are made to produce for local consumption.


  1. we need some body like oshomol as a president
    what you is truth how can a country like Nigeria import matches from Indonesia and we all so import toothpick cottonbor our soldier can not produced a single bullet please pmb hlpe us


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