Forget About Your Ex For GOOD With These 10 Post-Breakup Tips

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When there’s no chance of rekindling the romance you once had, sometimes you’re left with only one choice: Move on. Here are 10 ways to help you forget about him and move on:

1. Change Your Frame Of Mind

Our minds are so incredibly powerful that you can control your thinking, even when you think you can’t. He’s holding important space in your mind, and it’s time to kick him out! He’s no longer welcome anymore.

2. Close The Door

When you start to think of him, visualize a beautiful, large red door and slam it firmly closed. Then immediately change your thoughts to something fun, relaxing and/or positive. You are in control, and you’re choosing positivity.

3. Stop Social Media Snooping

You can’t watch him on social media to see what he’s doing or who he’s with. Social media makes everyone look happy, so this will only hurt you! Block him so it’s not even a temptation.

4. Don’t Ask Friends For Updates

Hearing what he’s doing with his new woman or friends is just a way to hurt yourself and prolong the pain, so stop asking.

5. No Drive-Bys

Stay away from his house. No late night drive-bys to see who’s there. Out of sight, out of mind.

6. Delete His Contact Information

Erase his numbers and email from your phone (and all electronics), just in case you’re tempted to try to contact him in a weak moment. Stay strong. You can do this!

7. Stop Talking About Him

You can discuss the ordeal with your friends when it happens, but do not keep rehashing it. If you feel the need to understand it better, counseling is a great way to deal with this.

8. Keep Busy

Push yourself to get out and be with your friends, family or start something new. Try a new hobby — exercising, group activities, anything that keeps your mind occupied.

9. Journal

Writing is very therapeutic and helps you heal. It’s important to journal the negative experiences because our minds have a way of only remembering the good times when we’re lonely.

10. Use Positive Affirmations Daily

Every morning and evening give yourself affirmations to build your self-esteem. We project our feelings to others, so use positive thoughts to attract healthy people into your life.


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