FINALLY!!! Kanye And Kim Decides The Name Of Their Unborn Baby Boy


After keeping their fans in suspense for months, heavily pregnant model and mother of one, Kim Kardashian and her outspoken rapper husband, Kanye West have finally chosen a name for their unborn baby boy.

Kimye have decided to name their unborn son, Easton.

According to a Daily Mail Online exclusive,

‘Easton is the chosen name. It’s confirmed that the baby boy will be called Easton,’ a close family friend said, spilling the beans.

The family friend confirmed to Daily Mail Online that last week, the celebrity pair locked in the name ‘Easton’ so that his nursery and wardrobe can begin to be made, monograms and all.

Kourtney told a few girls at a Hidden Hills pool party last weekend that Kanye’s favorite name by far is ‘Easton’.

Kim wasn’t hot on the name at first because Kanye liked simply ‘East’ , but Kim came up with Easton and, for them, history was made.

This must have been a little tricky seeing how Kim shut down rumours that her child would be named ‘south east’.

‘No doubt monogrammed baby bibs are being hand-sewn as we speak,’ the friend added. ‘Mason is already calling his auntie’s tummy Easton.’


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